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Do you want to be an expert in the application of microcement?

Given the high level of growth and demand within this sector, a commitment to microcement skills guarantees many opportunities for work and business.

Superior training in both product knowledge and working methods are essential when wishing to obtain a good result. Consequently, Topciment offers training courses with certification of expertise.

What knowledge will I receive?

You will learn all the techniques necessary for the application of Topciment Microcement. The training is of a practical nature, and thanks to it you will obtain the following skills:

  • Basic Knowledge of Topciment Microcement. The product, the working methods, uses, times, duration, systems, and finishes, etcetera.
  • Application phases and techniques. Priming, application, sanding, and sealing, etcetera.
  • Working surfaces. Knowledge of how different surfaces can be worked, how to give them previous treatment, and their practical application. Floors, walls, etcetera
  • Technical questions resolved with experts. Resolution of doubts with our professional microcement experts
  • Our product guarantees
  • Budgeting. How to prepare estimates and budgets, including additional clauses when covering a project launch.
  • Samples. The provision of samples to test Topciment products.

How long does the course last?

The course is given in a single intensive session lasting about 6 hours.

What does the course cost?

The cost of the course is €200. There is a requirement of a minimum purchase of materials for the course duration amounting to €500, but the initial amount paid at registration will be deducted from this figure. There is no obligation to buy these materials on the same day as the course. Conditions for customers outside of Spain are different, please request information.

I’m interested in taking the course!
If you are interested in taking the course, please send your details using this form

microcement application
microcement application