How to reform your house without construction work and in a short time

Many years ago you bought your house with all the enthusiasm in the world. But the passage of time has had consequences and just as you have grown older, your house has aged.

You would like to change floors, walls, ceilings and furniture, but being involved in a building project and all that it implies (budget, time and rubble) makes you hesitate to take the step, doesn't it?

Renovation without building work and in a short time with microcement

Don't hesitate! Microcementis the decorative coating you are looking for. The installation of microcement is very easy and fast, cheaper than other materials and best of all: no building work or rubble. In this way you will be able to renovate your house in a very short time.

In addition, microcement is a coating that is compatible with any surface (floor, wall, ceiling and furniture), both for interior and exterior rooms. Microcement is applied to the existing material, so you can apply microcement to tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, among others. Isn't that great?

Dormitorio con suelo de microcemento gris Topciment
Bedroom in which it has been applied Topciment grey microcement in the soil.

Decorative value of microcement

Microcemento offers many decorative possibilities and unique designs. You can build microcement bathrooms, microcement kitchens, microcement stairs, microcement swimming pools and even install underfloor heating.

The installation of microcement offers many more advantages (hyperlink article 8 reasons) such as its great mechanical resistance and resistance to abrasion; or that its cleaning and maintenance are very simple, with water and PH neutral soap is more than enough, for example.

Cocina revestida microcemento Topciment
Topciment microcement kitchen open to lounge.

Topciment, the benchmark for microcement

At Topciment we know very well what we are talking about. We are manufacturers of microcement and products for its optimal application, care and maintenance.

If you are thinking of renovating your house with microcement, the best option is Topciment, a Spanish company that manufactures microcement and products for its optimal application, care and maintenance.

We have decorative coatings of high performance, easy and quick to apply and with unique and unrepeatable finishes applicable to floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and swimming pools.

Visit our web page and discover all the decorative possibilities of our products and the wide range of microcement colors that we have .

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