The best pools are made of microcement: find out why

Many people wish to have their own pool and it is not surprising. Because who wouldn't want to soak all day in the summer?

Every time we dream about what our perfect pool would look like we make it with all kinds of features so that it doesn't lack in detail. But, which is the best option? The microcement pool, without a doubt. Here we explain its advantages so you can see for yourself.

Microcemento para piscinas

Benefits of microcement pools

The use of microcement in swimming pools offers many functional and maintenance benefits:

Reduces dirt compared to other materials

AS microcement has no joints and is a continuous surface, it does not have small cracks that allow dirt to accumulate. In this way, in addition to being a cleaner material, it allows for much more optimal and easy maintenance.

It combines with different materials

Microcement combines with all types of materials, thus integrating itself to any style. In this way you can have the interior of the pool with microcemento and the crown and its surroundings with another material such as wood.

Continuity in design

If you are looking to create continuity and spaciousness, the best option is to use microcemento for different areas. This way, you will give the sensation that the pool has an infinite design that unites the whole exterior. With the different granulometries in which it is presented and its anti-slip characteristic, with the microcemento you can create a design space free of slips.

Microcemento para piscinas

Atlanttic, our special microcement for swimming pools

In Topciment we have designed Atlanttic, a new line of bicomponent microcement designed exclusively for spaces in permanent contact with water.

Thus, we have two different granulometries:

Furthermore, Atlanttic can be used for exterior designs in ponds, terraces and wet areas, among others. We know that having a pool is one of the most common desires, but having a microcement pool is another level.

Create the pool of your dreams.

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