7 reasons why microcement is a reform trend

Microcement is the decorative coating of the present and the future, since its multiple benefits compared to other materials make it perfect for the creation of all kinds of spaces and styles. Here are the main advantages of microcemento, thanks to which you will get the house you have always wanted.

1. Infinity of colours

The mixture of the microcement color pigments gives the user many colors with which to give free rein to his creativity. Thousands of combinations with which each room or piece of furniture will take on a life of its own and you will achieve a unique and unrepeatable home.

2. Compatible with all surfaces

One of the most important advantages of microcement is its ability to adapt to virtually all existing surfaces. Its great adhesion means that it is not necessary to remove the previous material as is the case in many building sites and home refurbishments.

Microcemento topciment

3. High decorative value

Microcement can be applied both indoors and outdoors and is also suitable for floors, walls, ceilings, terraces, swimming pools and even furniture. For all these reasons, Microcemento has a high decorative value.

4. Great resistance

To bet on microcement is to bet on a resistant material that stands up perfectly to mechanical force, abrasion or the effect of ultraviolet rays, among others.

5. Quick and clean installation

One of the biggest problems when renovating a house is the debris that accumulates. A problem that does not exist with microcement because not a single piece of debris will be generated. Besides, it is very quick and easy to install. Isn't that wonderful?

6. Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are also very simple. With water and neutral soap, you can see that the microcement is always in perfect condition.

7. Valueu of money

Best of all? Since it is not necessary to remove the previous surface to apply the microcement, the total cost of a work or reform decreases considerably.

Microcemento topciment

Topciment, the best choice

Topciment is a leader in the manufacture of microcement in Spain, with extensive experience since 2005 that has led it to build a network of distributors in over 58 countries worldwide. Our products combine high performance, ease of application and exclusive finishes that you will not find anywhere else.

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