The different effects of the finish

The application of Micro-cement is craft work in which different finishes can be achieved with the same material. Some effects may be what we are looking for, and others would not. How they are produced will be demonstrated in the following section, and thus how to achieve the desired effects.

The different effects depend on:

The type of trowel used

The choice of trowel type will be decisive for the final appearance, there are two types of trowels: rubber and flexible steel. Flat rubber trowels are used exclusively for the Microfino, the watermarks are slightly less pronounced than with a steel trowel. The rubber trowel exerts less pressure on the product causing the finish to be slightly thicker.

To the contrary, the use of the steel trowel is advised only in the hands of experienced professionals, because an excess of pressure could cause a burned effect and the waters would become darkened.


marca de quemado de llana

How to leave the base layer

We always say that each layer should be applied as if it were the final one, this is because of the thickness of the material, every outlining or imperfection on the previous layer will show through. However, this Micro-cement characteristic can be used favourably to create textures.

microcemento efecto piedra
microcemento con efecto piedra

Micro-cement Colours and Types

The watermark effect will be more apparent with Microfino than with Microdeck, as with dark colours, while with the white and the off white colours the waters will be almost imperceptible.


microcemento fino claro oscuro aguas

Method of Application.

The method of “fresh on fresh” application is only applied with the finishing Micro-cements, it comprises the application of a second coat, when the previous one is not completely dry, thus allowing the particles of thicker aggregate to be incrusted in the first coat, giving a smoother and more uniform finish.


microbase aplicada fresco sobre fresco

Movement of the plane.

To achieve a natural finish in the Micro-cement, without incisional lines or repetitive marks, it is important to "break the drawing" with the movement of the trowel. As can be seen in the video, the material is applied with the trowel in all directions, without following a geometric pattern.