Sealant Application

Microcement is sealed for its protection, the varnish gives it chemical and mechanical resistance and the choice is a satin, matt or gloss finish.

The sealing process should be started between 24 and 48 hours after the last microcement layer has been applied. In addition, and in order to facilitate the cleaning work, the sealing will make the surface impermeable.

The use of primer Presealer should be applied before sealing with Topsealer WT. The former penetrates the support and dries to a plastic film, covering any pores and thus avoiding a higher Performance of sealant. It is applied in two coats with an interval of 4 hours. To prevent adhesion problems with the protective layer and the appearance of glazes and bubbles, the moisture content of the coating should not exceed 5%.

4 hours are required for drying before applying the first layer of Topsealer WT polyurethane over the primer. Apply it in two coats using a microfiber short-haired roller. The second layer is applied after a minimum of 12 hours, if Topsealer WT One coat is used. If Topsealer WT Quick Dry is used (low temperatures and ambient humidity delay drying) it may be applied after only 4 hours. The first layer is sanded with 400 grit sandpaper; the final coat requires no sanding. If applied over old varnish, the surface should be thoroughly sanded to open the pores and remove all traces of stains, grease, dust, etc. Let the surface dry for seven days and two weeks without using cleaning products or covering.

Pools made with Aquaciment should simply be sealed with Presealer, applied in two coats with an interval of 4 hours between them. The entire surface should be completely covered and allowed to dry for a full five days before the pool is filled. Avoid any water streaming over the surface during the sealing process, and suspend the application if rain is forecast.

Products for water maintenance of the pool should be previously dissolved in a container, and placed in the skimmers from where they will pass to the pool. These chemical products should not be discharged directly into the water, as they can cause white spots and discoloration of the pool bottom. It is advisable to renew the top coat of Presealer every two years, after first sanding the surface.