Mixture of bi-component microcement

When preparing any variety of Micro-cement, the recommended mixing proportions must always be followed in order to obtain an easily workable Micro-cement mixture, with the optimal properties.

The life of the mixture or "pot life" at 20ºC is an hour.

The mixture

Measure the amount of resin (for bi-component Micro-cement) or water (for a single component) into a clean container, corresponding to the kilos of powder to be prepared. Pour the measured quantity into a container large enough to receive both components (liquid and solid), and add the pigment corresponding to the amount of Micro-cement, mixing until a uniform colour is achieved. It is important to rinse the pigment packaging to utilise its entire content, so that there are no colour differences between one mixture and the next.

Gradually pour the dry component as the mixture is forming for a minimum of 4 minutes. The result will be a homogeneous mass, free of lumps and of a uniform colour.

Using pigment to colour the first coat of Microbase is unnecessary

To mix the Micro-cement, it is advisable to use the stainless steel, Topciment twin-helix mixer, its hexagonal pole easily attaches to most agitators/beaters, and the double twin-helix facilitates mortar mixing, achieving a completely homogeneous paste

Performance and yields

It is necessary to consider that the more evenly levelled and prepared the surface to be coated, the lower the costs in materials and time involved in application.

Consult the data on the mixing and performance ratios of our Micro-cements