General Points of the Application

Building Works with Microcement last an average of 4 to 6 days, considering the distinct phases and their drying times. 90% of success is in the planning.

Only in the hands of Professionals

The application of Microcement is not as easy as it appears, and should only be done by professionals with mastery of the technique. Experience is the key by not leaving anything to chance. The technician must recognise the conditions of the support or substrate, and prepare it adequately, knowing how to select the appropriate micro-cement, along with the correct tools, and choosing the appropriate procedure depending on the finish required.

herramientas y accesorios de trabajo con microcemento

Planning the work

Before starting, the work must be planned in order to give the application of Microcement the adequate time and space between the other building activities. The Microcement application should always be left to the end, except for the last coat of paint, the positioning of the woodwork and the sanitary elements.

The Tools Required

Microcement is applied using specific tools, although all are in common use in the construction industry.

Masking tape or taped paper: to protect the non-application areas from splashes of Microcement

Measuring jug: the use of a jug permits the precise dosage of resin (for bi-component micro-cement) or water (for a single component) required for mixing.

Low-speed mechanical stirrer, together with a twin-propeller rod: to mix Microcement with confidence, in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture

Spatula: used as support to the plane

Plane: of various types and sizes, made of flexible stainless steel or rubber, depending on the material to be applied.

Industrial vacuum cleaner, rotary orbital sander, sanding glove and silicon carbide sandpaper: once the Microcement has dried, the imperfections must be sanded away, and the dust thus generated sucked away, in order to correctly continue the process.

Rollers: used to apply the primers, pore-fillers and sealers.